Find My Favorite Victoria’s Secret Kimonos  here

November and December are the months that I enjoy buying from Victoria’ s Secret the most because in the holidays  they have beautiful limited edition products and so many good deals. You can buy something special for someone on your Christmas list and get something for free for you.  After seeing a sneak peak of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show I felt like going to Victoria’s Secret and getting myself some goodies.  This Kimono is one of my favorite VS purchases. Most of my Sundays I spend  my day in old T-shirts but this Kimono is so comfortable and delicate  at the same time that I feel like a million bucks without having to dress at all on a lazy weekend. Black colors make you look slimmer so this may help me to feel not too guilty for eating my pancakes while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight.

Xo, Eliana

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