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On Sunday we got back from our first cruise. The itinerary was the Bahamas, St. Marteen and St. Thomas and we travelled on the Oasis of the Seas- Royal Caribbean. We absolutely loved everything about this ship. It was like  a small cute city. We had  everything we needed in one place and they had so many activities for everyone, which made it impossible for us to get bored on the days we were cruising. Every day our suite assistant will leave in the room the programs with the different activities they had for that day. They had several options depending on what you felt like doing. From Broadway shows, comedy shows, acrobatic shows, clubs, casino, movie theater, ice-skating, you name it . They had live music around the pools during the day and  in different neighborhoods of the ship at night. They will also have some fun contests where everyone could participate: like “The Sexiest Man in the World”, “Best Belly Flop”  or a contest for married couples. We were exhausted every night from eating so much and trying to go to all different activities the cruise was offering but we didn’t want to miss anything.

What I loved the most about the trip is that I was able to work out every day! I always take my work out clothes with me when I travel but I usually find it impossible to work out when I am in vacation mode. Having a gym on the cruise and seeing a lot of people heading to the gym every day motivated me to work out too. The only thing I had to do is get in the elevator and I was there in less than 5 minutes. I will get up early every morning and eat something small for a boost of energy and then hit the gym. Right outside of the gym there was a smoothie center and after my workouts I will ask the attendant to customize a smoothie for me and then I will go to the room and wake up Nate to have a second breakfast, lol. Having so many restaurants and food for free was not a big help. I wanted to eat everything, but at least I felt so much energized to start the day after my mornings work outs.

Now I am back home and getting organized so I wanted to show you guys some of the outfits I wore in this trip. Please see above for outfit details.

Xo, Eliana


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