Button Down Cotton Shirt Dress- Eliana VieraButton down cotton dress shirt- eliana vieraButton Down cotton dress shirt- eliana vierabutton down cotton shirt dress- eliana viera

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Hi Everyone. Fall is here and I am back into blogging again. It’s being a while since I wrote a post but I want you to know that even if sometimes I need to take a brake from blogging my love for Fashion will never end. I have so many pictures on my phone and on my Canon camera from the Summer but I haven’t had time to actually sit down to write a post or share any of my outfit details… It’s Fall now so there is no point on making post of my summer outfits.

So on Friday I decided to go shopping for fall clothes and I already put together a few outfits that I can’t wait to share with you…I have been obsessing over  Long Button Down Cotton Shirts so I was very happy when I found this white one that I am wearing in the picture… I also got a few more in different lengths and with long sleeves for the winter.  You can style them with a belt, a long sweater and over the knee boots or just skinny jeans. Since  it’s still warm outside for this look I decided to wear this top just like it is. Hope you like it!

Xo, Eliana



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