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Big Porcelain  bunnies here // Small Porcelain Bunny Candle Holder here // Candle here and here // Transparent Candle Holder : Similar here // Soap Container here and here // Toothbrush Holder here and here // Bar Soap Holder here and here


Vanity here // Floor Tile here


As I mentioned in my last post Nate and I just bought a  5 bedroom 2 bathroom Dutch colonial style home a few months ago. We are in love with the neighborhood and we still can’t believe we got the house.  We actually thought that we were going to lose it. There is a lot of potential in this house but it’s definitely a fixer upper.

Our first project was one of the bathrooms. When we got the house it had full tile around the tub, floor and the vanity was pink. So we had to gut the whole bathroom. We thought the construction will be done within weeks but it took longer than expected. I left for Argentina to visit my family and they were still demolishing.  Luckily before I left I made sure Nate and I agreed on the design, colors and materials. We went to Lowe’s and Home Depot and picked everything. I am in love with white bathrooms and kitchens, so I wanted this bathroom to be all white. It was hard to convince Nate on the colors, but once everything came together he loved it too. When I was in Argentina I double checked to make sure he and the contractors knew exactly how I pictured the bathroom. Nate kept me posted sending me photos and video calling me. But the pictures he sent me didn’t do justice. When I came home I was absolutely in love with it. And I have to give credit to Nate for all the work he put in to it too while I was gone.

We are going to use this bathroom until we build our master bathroom, but eventually this will be the guest bathroom. We picked white subway tile for the tub and  wanted to give it a little contrast by putting a gray tile center-cut design. We also changed the layout of the original bathroom. The door was all the way to the right leaving  room for a single small vanity so we moved the door to the middle and were able to put a double vanity against the right wall. We put all new outlets (with “wave of the future” USB connectors), a new window and lighting. And we picked a shiny gray/moon color for the walls. For the floor we also wanted a shiny white color. I was a little skeptical when we bought the white marble tile for the floor because it has some gold undertones, but it turned out perfect.

Once the bathroom was done. I went to Target to get the essentials things we needed in the bathroom. I bought transparent soap and toothbrush holders. Target already had Easter decorations on display so I bought these bunnies that are so cute to have in the bathroom for Easter!

Xo, Eliana





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