My name is Eliana Viera and this is my blog. Ever since I had a memory I had a passion for fashion and I would express this passion in different ways throughout my whole life. My first memory about my love for fashion was when  I was about six years old.  I remember my mom buying me a drawing book and the only thing I would do after school was lay in bed and draw clothes.  I would look for inspiration in fashion magazines and I would come up with different designs based on what was trending.  I wanted to bring the clothes I drew to life so bad that I would beg my mom to buy fabric.  She would make some of the clothes for me and some for my Barbie’s.

As a teenager I remember loving going window shopping every weekend in my hometown in Argentina.  Even if I didn’t buy anything I wanted to know what every single boutique had so I could compare and select my favorite clothes to buy later.  If something was too expensive I would use my allowance and save every single penny I had to buy that one item. I also remember getting in trouble for grabbing some of my mom’s clothes and turning them into a different outfit.

When I was 19 I moved to the United States.  Now, years later, I still enjoy spending my free time drawing what I am going to wear, and will never stop window and online shopping. I love getting compliments about my clothes and I would spend hours planning what to wear for any event. Last year I decided to create a blog where I can share my outfits and fashion tips. I also love travelling, and my fiancé and I just bought a house that we are remodeling and decorating. Although this blog will be a platform where I share mostly my outfits, I will also share a little bit about everything else I love. Hopefully that way I can inspire others with my outfit ideas, home inspiration, beauty and travel tips.
Hope you enjoy the blog
Eliana Viera